Braai/Firepit & Seating

This was a great project to be involved in.

The customer lives in a small complex, with a small allocated personal garden but enjoyed sitting around a fire and entertaining.

He called me and together we played with designs and different layouts until finally settling on the one you see.

In the fire pit we built small inserts for a grill to be placed on top to allow for the good old fashioned wood braai to be had.

Electrics were run through the seating to supply additional outdoor plug points on both sides of the seating, as well as underfoot lighting and a globe on top.

Once the paving was completed the job looked great and we had one very happy customer.

Bathroom Renovation

This small but elegantly done bathroom was a pleasure to do.

The customer had bought the property not too long before and had an elderly woman living in it before. The other rooms had been modernized except their en-suite bathroom. 

The owner wanted something simple but with storage.

We built the room using our 3D computer programme to show what we intended to do. After approval we went ahead and stripped the room to an empty shell and re-built it again, removing the old bath and shower and replacing it with just a single, but large, walk in shower.

The Vanity unit was also custom designed and manufactured by HARRIS Building & Design – See Furniture Design for more information on the vanity unit.

He is happiest, who finds peace in his home

- Johann Wolfgang von goethe

New Garden Wall

This garden wall was built to replace an existing pre-fab concrete fencing which was falling down. The property was in a complex which must adhere to strict standards with regards to it’s building work styles and colours. In this case, the wall required balustrades and copings to be put on top and everything painted white and camel.

The customer requested steps be put in the wall to gain access to his back yard.

The project took a little over two weeks to complete and was a pleasure to do,